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Jul. 13th, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

I noticed that I haven't been posting here much. Probably because I have given into the whole FB quick post thing. But really, all the news is just way too...Newsy.

Bullet points:
#1. Most of our late winter/spring/summer so far has been eaten up with getting a handle on Bean's headaches and finding something unexpected by all.

  Bean has what the doctors are 99% sure is a Cholesterol Granuloma in/on the inside of her Temporal bone on the right side of her head. So she's been having lots of doctor's appointments and MRIs while the docs try to decide the best way to get to the darn thing to get it out. Our hope is they will be able to get the surgery done before she heads back to school the third week in August.

She's had to put Fencing on hold. Which has been tough. But the docs have said she can go back to it in the Fall, assuming everything is ok with the surgery.

#2 Bud finished up elementary school with a florish. 

  I think Middle School will be great for him and I think he is ready. Which back in February I wouldn't have said. But he's really managed to get some of the Aspergers Behaviors under control - to the point where I think he will be able to manage the transition and thrive. That's the big word - Thrive.
It helps (me at least, who knows if it matters to Bud) that his education and behavioral therapy team are just that, a Team. He will have the same behavioral therapist at the middle school that he had at the elementary school. Yay.

In the mean time, he is building elaborate Lego structures and discussing Space exploration. He never talked about being an astronaut, until now. We'll see what that means for school and electives/extra curricular activities. He was talking about joining the hockey team, but it may be the Science team now.

#3 Houston and I are well. He hasn't had to travel for work since the beginning of June and he only had two trips this spring. So he's busy building sets for our Community Theater. He loves it. And it fills in the spaces when he isn't playing soccer.

I'm still struggling with the neuropathy from the MS. So the Neurontin pills are part of my daily routine. As are lots of naps.
And that's some of the news so far.

May. 23rd, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

I haven't been posting much. This has been the year of deaths in the family, of deaths of friends, of just too much grief. I've gotten to the point where I'm dreading the house phone, my cell phone, and any and all e-mails that don't have bouncy subject lines. Even those, I am starting to suspect.

I believe my sister proclaimed this year "F-ing Fired!" and I second that. Too bad we still have 7 months to slog through. But we're slogging.

The kids are coping. They show the resilence of children.

Mar. 14th, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

My house isn't all that much cleaner. And I am not any more rested. I did attempt to nap, but was thwarted by phone calls by all and sundry. If you didn't call me today, you were either not suffering some crisis or not in the medical fields. Or both.

When I finally gave up on napping as a bad choice for the day, the roofers showed up a day early - or half a day late depending on who you ask - and proceeded to not ring the bell to let me know they were parking a dumpster right behind the garage housing my Sienna. That required a bit of discussing, as I don't speak enough Spanish to say 'Please move that out of the driveway for 5 minutes and let me get my car out of the garage before you park me in permanently and I have to hire a taxi to pick my children up from school." Finally the gist was reached and I got to slalom around the various workers in my driveway who were unable to follow the thread of "hey the truck with the dumpster is pulling out, and hey the big door is going up, and hey the crazy lady is turning her car on and the reverse lights are on." I had two of them step right in front/behind my car while it was in motion and they were looking directly at it. Yikes. I don't know if it was training for the Darwin awards or just poor communication on the part of their boss. Either way, I'm glad I was paying attention and that my brakes work.

Anyhow, after being gone all afternoon, the kids and I pulled back up to the curb to find that in the 5+ hours we were away, very little was accomplished except freaking out the cat. Phin calmed down once we walked in and he could tell that the constant noises above him were not bugging me. I lie...they bug me. And at 7:25pm, I am more than ready for it to stop. But apparently I fake it well enough for my cat, He's currently sound asleep at my feet. Of course, he has his comfort shammy and his mouse, so he may just be faking the relaxing the way I am.

Feb. 22nd, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

Bud is ill again. Right before his birthday. I think if such a thing were possible, I would support his petition to have his birthdate legally changed to some date that doesn't dislike him so intensely.

It's a stomach thing...ei, it is currently trying to crawl out of his body and run away. This makes a classroom birthday celebration difficult. It also meant little sleep for me.

Somehow Houston managed to sleep through most of the middle of the night excitement despite my many entreaties to him for help...he did wake up at the 4:20 bout, but only to check to see that I was handling it and then went back to bed.

I finally lost my temper when he rolled over to go back to sleep this morning when the alarm went off, instead of helping me out by making sure Bean was up and moving for the school day. I flat out told him I was tempted to put both feet firmly in the middle of his back and Shove until he fell out of bed. He was instantly awake, and shocked that I could be so bitchy first thing in the morning. "Oh, Really?...because this is not the First Thing in the morning for me. That was at 12:03 am, after I had only been asleep a half an hour." He responded with the very quick-witted sensible "So, I guess he's not going to school today?" And yet, I restrained myself and no screaming occured. I should get a gold star and a cookie.

Anyhow, Houston got to take child #1 to school and he will get to bring her home this afternoon. I don't want child #2 stuck in my car being ill. That just smacks of bad idea.

Currently, Bud and the cat are curled up on the bed. Bud is reading graphic novels to the cat. It is cute. Every so often, all 14.7 lbs of cat perches his front paws on the child's shoulder and gives the appearance of looking at the pictures. So sweet. Of course, I might be so sleep deprived at this point that the cat could be reading to the child and I might not notice.

Feb. 7th, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

I still hate February. Nothing about it has changed. February = Bronchitis. As it does yearly since the beginning of time. If we can make it to March, I will be groovy again.
Now it is time to sleep until making the school run.

Feb. 1st, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

Bud has the Stomach bug currently coursing through the 5th grade at the speed of light. Monday there were 15 kids and two teachers out sick. So it really was a matter of time.
Unfortunately, I have a hacking cough and lung junk (to use my son's nifty phrase). Oh, and a migraine I came down with yesterday and can't shake.
Of course, it is currently 60 degrees outside and simply beautiful. We're both laying here in the sun with the cat, soaking up the rays through the window and hoping that we feel much better before normal winter resumes.

Jan. 22nd, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

(no subject)

I realize I haven't been posting here in Lj land. But I haven't really been posting extensively anywhere. The MS episode is still lingering and the docs don't know what to tell me beside "this too shall pass". So I am dragging from point to point and trying to nap when I can.

I am also trying to ride herd on two children who have hit school work burn-out long before it normally occurs. I am rather unsympathetic, since there is way less work here than they ever had in the past. And the nuns that taught me would have been horrified at the minimal amounts the children seem to be assigned. I found myself thinking "time to learn off 40 pages of the Nautical Almanack" while envisioning Sister Marie Magdalena dressed like Aunt Fidget Wonkum-Strong.from the Russel Hoban books. Then I get a maniacal grin and the kids ask if I've taken my meds because if not, I should.

Between trying to guide the kids back to their desks or the kitchen table without making the demand of "You'll get this Done because I Said So!" or banging my head on the wall out of frustration, I am finding myself starting the spring cleaning way early. Maybe it is some sort of subconscious need to scrub out the irritating. At least it means the house is pretty clean.

The kids are still irritating though.

But I refuse to do the work for them....and I refuse to hover. So I get to fuss silently in another part of the room, or another part of the house.
Now- it is time to suggest yet again that homework needs to be worked on.  My goal is to have them actually finished with everything before 8pm tonight without the last minute panic they cause when they wait until 7pm to start. Monday is going to be here tomorrow...which is just way too soon to suit.   

Jan. 9th, 2012

the view from my kitchen window


is doing Awesome! I think somehow in all the chaos I forgot to post that he's been Damn Lucky once again. His latest scans came back 100% clear. I swear he does this subconsciously as a thumb to the nose at the doctors.

So he and Mom are planning a summer trip to Scotland to walk the Highlands. They have been taking every opportunity to walk through town from the house. I still boggle at how fit they are and how I only wish I was that faithful about exercise. Someday... 


Jan. 5th, 2012

the view from my kitchen window

2012 so far is wobbling

I haven't had enough days to decide whether 2012 will be Full of All The Things... But right now the year is very much full of opposites. Snow at the very start - yucky and slushy and grey days, but lots of happiness in the house. We saw the movies Arthur Christmas and the Adventures of TinTin on New Years day and the observed New Years. We enjoyed both. The kids had some interesting things to say about TinTin, which boiled down to admitting to liking it way more than they thought they would, and that it wasn't as childish as the older child had expected. Now she might even read the old graphic novels I've been recommending for the last 7 years.

We played lots of board games, and read a bunch of new books.

Just when we thought things couldn't possibly rain on our parade, the weather got nice but the Bud got really sick yesterday. He's got some awful hacking cough that sounds like he's trying to breathe through a swamp. So today, in the lovely sunshine, he's wanting nothing more than sleep without coughing and cuddles.

I know he's sick when he doesn't care that the bus is in the court in the morning. He didn't even move when he heard the back-up beeps as it turned around to drive off. Usually, he comes flying into my room yelling about how he missed the bus and he'll miss school and his friends will be upset. Today, not a peep, except a "Mama, may I have some Tylenol?"

He does have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, where they are most likely going to take pretty pictures of his lungs. Insert deep, sarcastic Yay here. ;-(

If that wasn't enough to cause a sleepless night, Bean is strung up over semester finals next week. Welcome to High School, Kiddo. The grades count now. So she gave herself an upset tummy from worry. I tried to help, but because I am Mom, I know Nothing...
"But Momfinals are worth !20%! of the grades!!!!" (there is something about teenage girls that causes them to speak in italics. Some one should harness that power)
Hopefully she'll settle down once she realizes that just studying her prior work will be all she needs to do to prepare. Until then, she's going to be a joy to live with.

Well, off to the base to see the pediatrician.

Dec. 29th, 2011

the view from my kitchen window

I'm really truly still alive...

Hi there world. I am still here. However, life has been so crazy busy I find myself reading lj and not posting. Probably because we are down to one working computer in the house and 4 people to share it. My laptop bit the schnitzel at the end of November. Since I don't have homework to accomplish or final exams to study for, I get to use Houston's home laptop last/least. Not really a big deal right now, but I see a new laptop in our future. Today Bean and Bud were having to take turns to study for their up-coming science exams. Nothing like textbooks online to make me realize we are seriously tech deficient. I think the breaking point will be the next time they both have papers due at the same time.

However, even with a deficiency of tech, we had a wonderful Yuletide with the family. Mom and Dad spent a week here de-stressing from the excitement the Greats seem to cause without trying. Aunt Megadeath spent the time caring for/celebrating with the Greats out in CA so Mom wasn't worried about them alone for the holidays. Dad set up the Lionel trains and cleaned engines and tenders more thoroughly than I could imagine. I have a switch that isn't working so Dad and I are hunting for a schematic so I can rewire it. Otherwise, I will have to haul it out to CA the next time I head west or wait for Dad to fix it next December.

My sister and her husband also joined us for the Christmas weekend plus a day. We had a blast playing 5Crowns, watching silly things on the interwebs (both sister and brother-in-law have I-pads for work), and just sitting around and chatting. My sister took some hysterical photos of Phin. Although my brother-in-law's shot of the cat on his phone takes the cake. Without even trying, he got the cat with huge glowing alien eyes. So cool.

Houston received Trebuchet kits from both my parents and my brother-in-law. He also received a couple of books on Evil Genius Engineering. So of course, the smaller of the two trebuchets was built and deployed on Monday. The cat likes retrieving the thrown ping pong type balls. Now it is at the office, entertaining those of the AF who actually came in to work this week.

The kids received all sorts of awesome books and toys. Bean collected clothes this year, and Bud has more Legos- which he has already put together because he has that engineering knack. But the big gift, from Santa, was a Wii. Boomblocks and Mario Kart seem to be big hits.

And I got so much I never thought to ask for - sweaters, books, neat kitchen toys. But most of all, a Dad who has been fighting Melanoma for 12 years now. Every year we have him here for the holidays is a bonus year. This year, he looked better than he had in 3 years. He was involved in the conversations, games, and trains. And while he cratered in the evenings, he managed to keep up with the daily chaos better than I imagined.  Mom still says she worries every time he moves, but even she managed to forget to stress 24/7. It was a happy, happy week.

Now, life is getting back to routine. Everyone has returned to their regularly scheduled programs for the week. Although, we will take another break this weekend to host sleepovers and head out to New Years parties. I hope 2012 is as happy as the end of 2011 has been.

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